Monday, 9 September 2013

You know you've made it when......

You know you've made it when your trademark is used in a generic term. 

How many of us Hoover rather than vacuum or Sellotape presents instead of using sticky tape.  That post it note we used rather than the sticky note.  All of these are trademarks that have come into general use over the years. 

The number of times I have asked for a Coke in a pub (ok not too often as its more likely to be a glass of wine) but get given a Pepsi.  If I was to ask for a specific beer by name the barman would likely say they haven't got it would you prefer xx brand. Almost did 4 there but didn't want to use another  brand name.  With Coke that never happens.  

We all Google rather than search on the web. I was surprised when googling what words were now used that are still brand names. 

That item that needs Bubble-wrapped before FedEx-ing to a client.  The kids play with a Lilo in the water before playing with their Frisbee. 

There are many more that are slowly becoming generic.  I wonder what words we will have in ten years time that are only just trademarking now.

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